About us

Welcome to One Fine Nest, where every piece tells a story of craftsmanship and culture. Our custom handmade pillows feature authentic African Mud Cloth from Mali, Shibori, and other quality textiles, each carrying a unique heritage. Since 2012, we have been curating the finest vintage African Mud Cloth Pillows, Shibori Pillows, Mudcloth Throw Blankets, and Vintage Hmong Pillows. Our move to the vibrant Austin, TX area has only deepened our passion for connecting people with these exquisite pieces. Explore our collection and bring a touch of global artistry into your home.

At One Fine Nest, we don't just sell pillows; we share a piece of history and tradition with every customer. Our dedication to sourcing only the highest quality authentic textiles ensures that each purchase is a testament to artisanship and cultural richness. Join us in celebrating the beauty of handmade craftsmanship and add a touch of elegance and heritage to your living space. Discover the artistry of vintage African Mud Cloth and Shibori, and let your home reflect the beauty of diverse cultures and traditions.